Effective Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

website traffic

As we all know, website traffic is commonly refers to the numbers of website users that visit website, besides, it also can be explained as the numbers of webpage when website users visiting the web. The frequently-used statistical index of website traffic, including the numbers of unique web users, total web users, web browsing and independent webpage web browsing, etc.Undoubtedly, increasing website traffic is essential to every website owners. Why? For instance, there would be no good rankings and customers will doubt your website's credibility and it will bring your website business a direct bad influence if you commodity transaction site has low traffic, worse, none shows any interest in your website or products.And the point is, how to increase website traffic? The following ways might be able to help you.

1) BBS Blog promotion.
Although the place such as BBS blog are not allowed to send advertising things or spam links, but as long as you are able to provide useful information or contribute to the BBS community like answer other's questions, believe me, there will be so many guys will treat you like a expert. As a matter of course, more people click on your links in your signature, the same as search engine. Your website traffic will add up though the weights that search engine give to you are very low.

2) Publish an article.
When you finish your article, you're not only post it on your own website also sends it to other cheap targeted traffic or electronic magazines. Some of English websites are specialize in collecting these articles. Other website owners will search these type of articles and repost them to their own website if these articles are available for them. The author information in these articles is directly point to the original source.

3) Submit classified catalog.
Both of classified catalog and open catalog are effective to website ranking, especially Google sandbox effect.

4) Exchange or trade links with other sites.
With exchanging links with other sites, both of you will benefit from the efforts both of you do to enhance your sites traffic for multiple reasons. When one site features another sites link, they could provide one another with the traffic that both sites generate. And if the sites are related, the traffic will be likely to buy things from both sites- as long as the specific products from the sites do not compete with each other. The efforts are especially beneficial because it would seem like both of you are working to generate more traffic. Sometimes, many webmasters are using three-way indirect exchange links. Actually this kind of three-way model for search engine is not difficult to judge. Although the values of exchange links are getting low, but as long as the context is related, the exchange links are still work in a certain period of time.

5) Looking for a link (one-way).
Due to the Internet in the beginning it's not a commercial thing, so many personal websites have long history, their PR value and credibility are also very high, especially in some pages of universities and non-profit organizations. A lot of university teachers and students have their own special webpage in their school domain names. Most of them also have quiet high PR value and credibility. These personal and research webpage have high link vote PR value. If you find a similar website to your industry, you can buy web traffic to give you an external link if your website content has rich content.

6) Search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization also called SEO. It optimizes the search engine to obtain the ascendant website ranking for introducing website traffic through website structure, website marketing structure (internal link structure, website logical structure), and high-Q website content, rich and value related external link.

7) PPC.
PPC is refers to purchase advertising position from searching to accomplish the goal of marketing. Each large-scale search engines are market their own advertising systems. Relevance is the advantage of search engine advertising, since advertising only appeared in the relevant search results or related topics page so the search advertisement is more effective than traditional ad and its customer conversion rate is also higher than others.